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Kluthe at the BIEMH



Beginning of June we attended a very successful Metalworking fair called "BIEMH" in Bilbao, Spain. 

Professionals from 54 different countries came to the stand to get information about our innovative Metalworking fluids "Hakuform L" and "Hakufluid". 


Visitors were also very excited to see that the gun barrels of the Rifle and the Handgun in picture 3 were manufactured with our GTL-based Metalworking fluid. Kluthes product "Hakuform L414" outperformed all competitors and handled the challenging Metalworking process "deep drilling" with ease.


Optimalizace procesů s našimi chladícími kapalinami


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Kluthe on GrindTec




We are happy to announce that this years "GrindTec" was a very successful event for Kluthe.

Visitors showed great interest in our metalworking fluids,

especially our Hakuform L-series caught their attention.

These special metalworking fluids are based on the so-called GTL(Gas-to-Liquid) technology.

With which we are currently the innovation leader on the market.


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Kluthe-Conti commercial product range

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